Production Management


Production management module allows to optimize company’s production, control costs, deadlines, sale profitability and perform many other actions

This module has the ability to create sale and production orders on demand. There is a possibility to calculate stock balance automatically and manually. The system allows you to create production orders when there is a demand in specific sale orders, modify future product features, based on the customer and distinguish returning finished goods.

Main functions:

  • Flexible manufacturing assembly specifications
  • Automatic reserve planning
  • Batch, bar code management
  • Different units of measurement
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Integrated with sale and purchase management
  • Management of production deadlines

The module is suitable for both unitary and mass production, it helps to develop product specifications by indicating the materials needed for manufacture, ammount of product that can be produced from existing materials and other necessary information. Production management module provides a lot of possibilities to ease and optimize your job.