Project Management

Odoo Project Management module will help to fulfill projects in time, control costs and performed work. This module helps to plan projects and tasks, monitor project costs, the time it has taken, distribute responsibilities and follow deadlines. The module is inegrated with cost accounting and personnel management.


The projects are different in their number of tasks, budgets and deadlines. A project manager, using a project management system, can successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously and make desicions more easily. Project tasks can be sheduled in such a way, that the whole project will be completed on time.

  • Division of mult-stucture projects into smaller projects;
  • Project template support;
  • Project duplication and modification;
  • Eletronic reminders;
  • Task scheduling and their distribution;
  • Planning of working hours;


You will be able to identify which tasks, if delayed, will have a direct impact on the overall project completion date.

  • Scheduling according to priorities, hierarchical structure or term;
  • Responsible person assignment;
  • Task delegation and distribution;
  • Task implementation;
  • Invoicing according to performed tasks;
  • Automatic work time sheet filling;
  • Reports according to various parameters;

Cost accounting will allow you to track project-related income and expenses, check whether they exceed the budged.