Stock Management

Odoo makes it easy to manage business processes from purchases to sales.

The stock management module helps you to effectively plan, execute and analyse company activity in each stage of warehouse management process.

Purchases and sales

Odoo makes it easy to manage business processes from purchases to sales. Customer service and inventory management control will significantly improve.

  • Sale offers/orders
  • Pricing options for customers, discounts
  • Supplier purchasing management
  • Various stock management processes
  • Calculation of prime cost and margin
  • Delivery time tracking

Warehouse accounting

You will be able to see trade balance in real time, track the movement of goods. Stock control allows you to automatically manage warehouse inventory levels.

Verslo analizė

  • Integration with other Odoo modules
  • FIFO stock accounting
  • Support of multiple warehouses
  • Movement of goods
  • Batch support
  • Warehouse stock level support
  • Analytical stock analysis
  • Consignment sale
  • Warranty service, repair
  • Renting

This module helps to analyse the information about each product or service: product profitability, sales and related purchases, product quality, inventory levels, average cost and profit, etc. This is one of the most important Odoo stock management modules.

  • Different units of measurement
  • Product options
  • DIfferent price lists
  • Packaging
  • Integration with the cost accounting and book-keeping
  • Product profitability and cost analysis