Financial Management

Financial management module has all the functions needed to carry out operations according to accounting standarts applied in Lithuania.

Financial mangement module can be easily used as a standalone application or integrated with other modules. Financial management is ahead of the traditional accounting functions, allowing to carry out company activity analysis.

Main functions

  • Great book
  • Sales and purchases
  • Bank and cash transactions
  • Long – term assets
  • Financial reports
  • Cost accounting


Managers and accountants spend significantly less time doing repetitive actions. Almost all the features of Odoo system are automated.

A lot of the necessary reports for business analysis. Finance module is integrated with other fields, such as cost accounting, which results in less manual work, making it very efficient, but easy to use.

Business analysis

In addition to the daily accounting operations, many tools can be used to carry out business analysis. Odoo can quickly and easily get the information you need:

  • Chart and report editor
  • Dashboard
  • Reports in various formats
  • Debt management – reminders at various levels
  • Automated cost accounting