Human Resources Management

Odoo helps to calculate wages, manage personnel, to install a motivation system using an integral system. This module is integrated with other system modules: accounting and cost accounting. This system can be adapted to small and large companies


Personnel management system helps with the personnel selection procedure, handling of personnel-related documentation.

  • Unified employee database
  • Recruitment process management
  • Employee salary setings
  • Main employee information
  • Staff assessment
  • Employment contract management


The system helps to track employee hours and productivity. Build up the time sheets of work.

  • Recording of actual working hours
  • Work time sheets
  • Periodic work schedules
  • Scheduling
  • Detailed reports of staff working time


Salaries are calculated according to Lithuanian laws. Employees may be paid not only the agreed salary, it may be increased in terms of time worked or work done. A motivation system can also be installed, such system will use data from other Odoo modules.

  • Calculation of salary according to current laws of Lithuania
  • Required reports and the main tax declarations
  • Motivation system
  • Management of salary payment
  • Integration with manufacturing, project management modules
  • Integration with accounting and cost accounting